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Knotweed et al. - Weed Management

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"Work smart, then work hard."

Operating in Nova Scotia, Canada Since 2019

Fighting some intense knotweed in #hopew
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Are you ready to take on an invasive plant species?

Dedication. Commitment. Excellence. Professionalism.

Eradicating or managing an invasive plant species such as Japanese knotweed or giant hogweed can be a huge undertaking.

These species require multiple treatments over several years to be brought under control successfully.  Getting the first few treatments wrong could prevent future treatments from being effective, or cause the species to become more widespread and difficult to control.

If you have a desire to take on an invasive species, make sure the first step is the right one.  Knotweed et al. - Weed Management by Tyler Jollimore can help with that critical first step, by providing consultation, management planning or contract based management services.

Work smart, then work hard.

We primarily operate in Nova Scotia. However, we do offer remote consultations and management planning. If a case is severe or novel, we can travel within the atlantic provinces (restrictions dependent)


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