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Services and Process Flow

Taking on knotweed can be a daunting task and the way forward is not always clear.

This page explains how things might happen in various cases.

If your knotweed is out in the open, you can often see it on Google Earth! It can be helpful to take a measurement of its total area before reading these examples.

Size is not the only factor when it comes to the cost of management. The travel distance, terrain, evenness of ground, non-target organisms, and property boundaries can impact the cost of management.

Small Knotweed Stand
50 m sq. or less

Small knotweed stands can "sometimes" be controlled after one growing season of treatment. This is primarily dependent on if herbicide can be applied to the entire canopy without needing to cut any of it down to gain access.

Projects of this size can be anywhere from $500 - $750 over the course of management.

Typically, these projects are non-complicated and do not require a written management plan for us to conduct the work. You will sign a general management contract before work commences.

Alternatively we can provide you with a management plan for you to execute on your own at a reduced cost!

Medium Sized Knotweed Stand
50 - 100 m sq.

Medium knotweed stands typically require at least two growing seasons of treatment to control. Typically, we need to cut down some of the knotweed so that we can effectively treat the entire knotweed mass.

Growth is reduced in the following growing season, which is followed up by another round of herbicide treatment.

These stands require more time to control due to the larger area and greater complexity.

Projects of this size typically run from $800 - $1500 over the course of management

Large Knotweed Stand
> 100 m sq.

Large knotweed stands typically require three to four growing seasons of treatments to control. In these cases, we usually have a substantial number of non-target organisms that need protection. Therefore, we are more conservative with our herbicide spray in the first year. This ensures that we prevent the death of trees, which are critical for restoring ecologically damaged areas.

Projects of this size run from $1500 - $4000 over the course of management


We are currently operating in most of Nova Scotia, with a few exceptions.  

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