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About Japanese Knotweed

A little insight into the Japanese Knotweed.

Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) is a creeping-herbaceous perennial plant.  It was introduced to Europe and North America from Japan and Eastern Asia, for horticultural purposes ~1850's. 

Lacking any significant predators in the places it was introduced, it has been able to grow with little inhibition.  In Nova Scotia it reaches a peak height 3 meters by the middle of June.  It is now classified as an invasive species.

The damage and trouble it can cause is significant, including but not limited to: increased soil erosion, reduced native plant diversity, sediment loading in streams, destruction of river banks, line of site obstruction for vehicles, pedestrians.

Further, it can block access to water ways, and interfere with flood management infrastructure;  making it a very troublesome plant.

I've spent years testing management strategies and I'm confident management is possible for knotweed, and the other species that cause so much grief.

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